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__Image brand and graphics
Co-ordinated branding  
Creation and projecting of graphic elements to mark corporate and private identity. Logos, calling cards, headed notepaper, letters envelope, cd covers, folders and adhesives.

Project of graphic layout for products catalogues.
Different support availiability (digital and paper). Graphic designing of navigation interface and paging. The catalogue can be printed on paper support, burned on CD-ROM or published online.

Brocures and Leaflet  

Graphic layout for flayers, brocures and leaflets.


Projecting and creation of graphics for products recognition and description

Image editing  

Editing of images: simple and complex photo retouch and optimization for different supports.

__Web solutions
Web Sites Creation  
Quality web sites creation: we manage all production stages, from logo design to project design, from graphic layout to online publishing, using HTML and Flash technology.
Multimedia Animations (Flash and Computer Graphics)  
Multimedia presentations for the web, using cartoon-style animations with Flash or 3D animations; to give a modern and prestigious image to one's own company.
Web promotion marketing  
After the setting up of the website, an increase of visibility is needed to reach a bigger amount of customers.
Using web marketing and search engine optimization strategies we can manage increasing web traffic and volume of business, to promote the outside of local borders.
Contents managing  
Editing and optimization of textual contents of web sites, clear and concise explanation of availiabe services and company specifications, to effectively reach the customers and the search engines' spiders.
Domain consulting
Web Consulting and choice of domain name, office business for domain registration, email accounts creation and configuration, online publishing if ftp on server.
Web Statistics
Traffic monitoring tools to improve web traffic: non only web counters, but also detailed statistics, to improve ranking and popularity and to analyze the attitude to contact customers and business partners via web site.
Web Site Localization
Translation of web site texts and contents from English to Italian, Spanish, German and French.
Restyling and update
Graphic and design restyling of existent web sites; updates managing.
__Rendering and Presentations
3D Modelling for architectonic and industrial projects.
Photorealistic renderings of exteriors, interiors and design elements. Computer graphic for virtual photographs. Virtual Catalogues creation, on digital support or paper.
CD-ROM Presentations  

Audio-video show reel. All images will be optimized for the type of chosen support. CD-ROM creation and web publishing available.

3D Animations  

Computer graphics animated presentations for architectural and industrial projects.

__Extra Services
Foto/Video shots  

Photo reportages and on site video shots.
Editing and professional digital montage.

Jingle and soundtrack  

Soundtracks creation, sound editing and customizable jingles. Web publishing of contents

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